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"Can you imagine what it would be like for you to be in a state of endless and limitless readiness?"

"Ready regardless of what's going on around you and who you are or are not with at the time. Ready to take action, even if the action required is to be completely still and calm - to wait for the precise moment when action would make the most difference."

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Facilitation Training Programs

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Satisfaction Cycle

The Satisfaction Cycle is a proprietary solution-oriented consultative model developed by Joseph Riggio. It forms the core of many of our programs, both implicitly and at times explicitly as well.

The basis of the Satisfaction Cycle is the a future oriented, results based approach to generating a desired-state built on the strengths of the present-state. The model differs from traditional consultative models in that it is recursive instead of linear, teleological instead of cause and effect oriented, positively based (solution-generating) rather than negatively based (problem-solving) and emotionally motivated as opposed to logically motivated.

Some of the most significant benefits of the Satisfaction Cycle model include:

1) It builds on the existing strengths of the present system establishing them as the organizing principals from which to evolve into the desired state conditions

2) It focuses the attention of the people comprising the system to focus on the positive outcome and builds a highly charged positive 'towards' motivation (i.e.: towards the result and reward as opposed to away from the problem and risk)

3) As a truly systemic model it organizes the system to the desired state projected into the solution generated

4) As a recursive model the system "wants" to continue the process of going from the P.S.+ to the D.S.++ even when the future D.S.++ becomes the realized P.S.+ creating a self-organizing and self-renewing cycle.

The traditional model looks like this:

The Satisfaction Cycle - A Traditional Model Of Change

 The Satisfaction Cycle Model looks like this:

The Satisfaction Cycle - A JSRI Propriety Model