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"Can you imagine what it would be like for you to be in a state of endless and limitless readiness?"

"Ready regardless of what's going on around you and who you are or are not with at the time. Ready to take action, even if the action required is to be completely still and calm - to wait for the precise moment when action would make the most difference."

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Facilitation Training Programs

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PT For Major Sales Professionals


The core program of our sales training curriculum is Persuasion Technology for Major-Account Sales Professionals. This program is truly aimed at senior sales professionals and major/key-account representatives. These sales people typically have 5 or more years of experience, although there are some who are ready for this training after as little as 2 years of experience. The reason for this suggestion is that the concepts presented in this training are sophisticated and aimed at sales people operating in complex environments with major/key accounts. In order to get the most from this program the participants must have sufficient experience to relate the concepts to in practical, applicable terms. If the participant does not have this kind and depth of experience and is most used to operating at a transactional level this training will likely prove frustrating to them and they to the other participants. This is due to the difference between making transactional, relationship-based selling and complex, consultative Systems-Selling. Some of the differences of Systems-Selling include,

a. They occur over multiple sales calls and over sometimes significant periods of time,

b. They require a commitment over time by both the client and the sales organization,

c. They more often than not require significant investments to complete both by the client and the sales organization,

d. They often cross lines of authority and budget within an organization, requiring multiple decision-makers to agree on the solution presented,

e. They typically are sold to teams of decision-makers by teams of sales and technical people,

f. They require the sales professional to work in a consultative role to understand the client's business and business model and recommend business-based solutions,

g. They often require the implementation of the solution with the client over time, and can require significant interaction and interface between the client and the provider,

h. They almost always require the development, presentation, negotiation and acceptance of a proposal and/or contract.

[Please Note: There may be additional criteria associated with types of complex sales that the Persuasion Technology program addresses as well. Since all businesses have unique requirements and needs, in almost all cases Persuasion Technology will be customized around the core program to the specific application where it will be used. This will typically include the business model and implementation requirements of the users based on on-site and off-site analysis and interviews with key players, e.g.: top-performing account representatives.]

Participants attending Persuasion Technology can expect to leave with the following fifteen critical points of knowledge and skills required to:

1. Read and utilize the client's communication style, both verbally and non-verbally,

2. Build and maintain rapport, even when the client is resistant or hostile,

3. Build agreement and consensus among both the client and the provider teams,

4. Utilize a positive solution-oriented consultative sales model (the Satisfaction Cycle),

5. Uncover the present state conditions of the client's situation stated in a positive frame, including client's needs, requirements and future desires,

6. Discover the client's intended outcome in the ultimate desired state condition also stated in a positive frame,

7. Design a client plan for proceeding that includes a timeline and the internal resources required to complete the sale,

8. Elicit and analyze the client's financial, technical, timing and other criteria,

9. Develop a model of consideration using the client's decision-making strategy,

10. Qualify the client's outcome and operating criteria regarding implementation,

11. Identify the evidence criteria and evidence strategies the client operates from,

12. Present the solution to the client using their specific communication style, incorporating their criteria, and satisfying their evidence criteria and strategies,

13. Negotiate the terms and conditions required to gain acceptance of the proposal presented,

14. Manage the sale through the entire process, from initial contact through successful implementation,

15. Develop the internal contacts and relationships required to become part of the client's solution, generating a recursive pattern leading to repeat and additional business opportunities.

PT - Persuasion Technology
AST - Accelerated Sales Technology
PT for Major Sales Professionals
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