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"Can you imagine what it would be like for you to be in a state of endless and limitless readiness?"

"Ready regardless of what's going on around you and who you are or are not with at the time. Ready to take action, even if the action required is to be completely still and calm - to wait for the precise moment when action would make the most difference."

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Facilitation Training Programs

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PT For Executives, Managers and Professionals

Another program built on the Persuasion Technology platform is Persuasion Technology for Executives, Managers and Professionals. It is a non-sales oriented program designed to develop the skills of persuasion in a manner which is appropriate for those in the organization who are leading and managing others and/or projects. The skills developed in Persuasion Technology for Major-Sales Professionals are specifically organized around the needs of sales professionals operating in complex environments. However we've found as professional developers, designers and providers of communication and behavioral skills development programs that the skills of persuasion (sometimes referred to as "influence") are just as critical in the execution of task responsibilities for executives, managers and professionals in the organization as they are to sales professionals - and sometimes more so!

This program was designed for those individuals within the organization who must produce results, internally and externally, with the help of others - especially those whom they do not manage directly. These individuals are typically managers of departments, divisions or even an entire organization and those who are managing significant and/or large projects. (Note: for those without these management responsibilities - i.e.: either people or project oriented - Communication Technology would be a more appropriate program and the program we'd recommend.)

Participants attending Persuasion Technology for Executives, Managers and Professionals can expect to leave with the following 10 points of knowledge and skills required to:

1. Read and utilize the communication style of others, both verbally and non-verbally,

2. Build and maintain rapport, even when others are resistant or hostile,

3. Build agreement and consensus among teams of collaborators,

4. Utilize a positive solution-oriented consultative communication model,

5. Analyze the present conditions of the situation appropriately, including needs, requirements for producing the desired outcome,

6. Design a plan for proceeding that includes a timeline and the internal resources required to achieve the outcome,

7. Elicit and analyze the financial, technical, timing and other criteria,

8. Develop a model of consideration using the decision-making strategies of those involved,

9. Present the solution to the those involved (or needing to be involved) using their specific communication style and incorporating their criteria,

10. Negotiate the terms and conditions required to gain acceptance of the proposal or solution presented.

PT - Persuasion Technology
AST - Accelerated Sales Technology
PT for Major Sales Professionals
PT for Executives, Managers and Professionals

PT- Live Simulations