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"Can you imagine what it would be like for you to be in a state of endless and limitless readiness?"

"Ready regardless of what's going on around you and who you are or are not with at the time. Ready to take action, even if the action required is to be completely still and calm - to wait for the precise moment when action would make the most difference."

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Facilitation Training Programs

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JSRI Program Design

Utilizing our unique, proprietary methodology - Leadership Logistics, to develop and customize our program materials for client specific requirements, JSRI offers programs that deliver both theoretical knowledge and application skills in integrated formats. Depending on your organization's needs and desires programs of various lengths and intensity are available to deliver the knowledge and skills required.

Our focus is on delivering developmental training programs that improve professional performance in the organization through the installation of specific knowledge and precision skills. This is accomplished through the unique combination of program content development and our proprietary program design and learning processes.

All JSRI training is customized around our core program material and then related to the specific application requirements of the client organization, as well as the participants for whom the training is being designed. Client specific case studies and experiential exercises are built to these requirements, to be used during the actual delivery of the training. Tying the client specific requirements, program material and program delivery together is the training design structure.

We deliver programs in three formats:

  • Instructional Training - 2-day programs designed to deliver the instruction and theoretical knowledge participants need to improve their performance.

  • Experiential Training - 3-day programs designed to deliver the experience and practical skills participants need to improve their performance.

  • Comprehensive Training - 5-day programs designed to deliver both the theoretical knowledge and practical experience in an integrated format participants and organizations need to improve their performance.

The intention behind each of these formats varies with the time invested and delivery methods that are employed. While all of our programs at JSRI are thorough and complete, each format offers the participants a unique and specific training result as a function of the interplay between the content and structure of the program.
2-day Instructional programs tend to be more academic in form and feel, 3-day Experiential programs tend to be more interactive and have a very direct hands-on in approach, and 5-day Comprehensive programs tend to be both more intense and fully integrated - bringing together aspects of both Instructional and Experiential training in single program design and delivery.

In each of our program formats the participants will develop real world knowledge and skills which translate into immediate performance improvement. The intention in our comprehensive programs is that participants will leave the training with the knowledge and skills embedded and fully intact - that is fully operational at the completion of the program. The participants will not need to translate the program for their specific application or require additional training or coaching for them to implement what they've already learned. We call this process, building "skin" memories - referring to the integration of the learning at the level of unconscious competence and reflex responsiveness.

For example, while the content of each of our negotiation programs remains consistent the differences in formats would be:

  • In the Instructional version (2-day) the emphasis is on delivering and building familiarity with the theory and knowledge of negotiation so that the participants can organize their thinking strategically in order to produce their desired outcomes. This is accomplished mainly through the interactive presentation of the theoretical material and case studies.

  • In the Experiential version (3-day) the emphasis is on the delivery of a highly interactive program with many exercises involving the participants acting individually and in teams. In the 3-day negotiation program the focus is on building the practical reflex responses necessary to operate effectively when in a "live" negotiation situation, this is done with much less time spent on the theory behind the applications.

  • In the Comprehensive version (5-day) the emphasis is on the integration and welding of the theoretical knowledge and application skills of negotiation so that the participants build both the ability to think strategically and act to effectively in the planning stage prior to negotiating and during the actual negotiation. In this format each element of the theory of strategic negotiating is linked to practical exercises in which the participants can master the skills they need to become highly effective negotiators.

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