Coaching & Facilitation

"Can you imagine what it would be like for you to be in a state of endless and limitless readiness?"

"Ready regardless of what's going on around you and who you are or are not with at the time. Ready to take action, even if the action required is to be completely still and calm - to wait for the precise moment when action would make the most difference."

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Facilitation Training Programs

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LT™ - Transitioning Superviors

As your career moves from a technical or individual contributor role to that of a team leader, supervisor, functional manager, program manager, director, vice president, and beyond, success is determined by how well you step up to the new, different, and often overwhelming challenges placed before you. Often people are promoted because they do their individual tasks well and the assumption is that "If you can do your job well you can obviously manage others doing the same job." Right? Not so fast! Compared to individual contribution, management is a "new career" - and the question is: "Are you ready for this additional and new career? "

Many people will offer to tell you what to do, and often that is not enough. The first key to successful growth from independent contributor to leader is knowing your strengths and processes that you use in producing results and understanding how they compare to those of the most successful managers and leaders. The second key is being able to do "IT": to think, behave, communicate, and lead in a way that is effective and empowering.

In this program you will learn the following and much more:

  • Useful techniques for successful career transitions.

  • What personal traits will help and hinder you in your career transition and how to manage them.

  • How to go from doing the work to helping others be successful.

  • How to keep focused on the 'bigger picture' and not get mired in the wrong details.

  • How to be comfortable managing people instead of ideas and/or hardware.

  • How and when to say 'NO' and deal comfortably with conflict.

  • How to change your personal beliefs so that you identify with your new career role.

  • What is a manager/leader? (Defining and modeling successful leaders.)

  • Making the transition to manager and leader. (Mapping and planning your path.)

  • Understanding what bonds an individual to a team and to the team leader.

  • Using the most effective communication representational systems.

  • The seven communication steps used by all highly effective leaders.

  • How effective communication IS effective leadership.