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"Can you imagine what it would be like for you to be in a state of endless and limitless readiness?"

"Ready regardless of what's going on around you and who you are or are not with at the time. Ready to take action, even if the action required is to be completely still and calm - to wait for the precise moment when action would make the most difference."

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Facilitation Training Programs

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LT™ - Personal Leadership

  • "Personal Leadership delivers unique and extraordinary value to organizational leaders at every level - from newly named managers to the most senior level managers in the organization as well ."

We know that this is a huge claim, that a single program could offer both unique and extraordinary value to organizational leaders at every level. However, we have ample evidence of this claim, over 10,000 managers worldwide who have attended this five-day program. Virtually everyone of these managers after spending the week participating in Personal Leadership has stated that it was the best and most influential program that they had ever participated in. This is also a big claim, but this one is "direct from the horse's mouth" as they say.

What is it about this program that causes such acclaim from those who have attended it?

This program begins with a different agenda than many training programs that are offered. The intention of Personal Leadership, (like LT - Leadership Learning Laboratory), focuses the attention on the individual - their hopes, their dreams, their attitudes, how and why they do what they do and ultimately who they are as individuals. The primary intention of the program is for those who attend it to begin to know with explicit awareness what it is that motivates them and how to direct this motivation for themselves. In attaining this awareness they come to know aspects of themselves that are seldom explored. For many, this is the very first time they've considered these aspects of themselves and their lives.

Personal Leadership is a structured developmental training program that emphasizes the thinking, communication and decision-making processes that are unique to each individual. Upon coming to know these processes, how they themselves use them and how others use them, the participants become better able to understand what is happening and how to produce results in their lives. They become better able to remain focused and stable and better able to get their outcomes, on their own and with others. In this program every participant will come to know the following 12 points about themselves and how they can consciously improve their interactions with others:

  1. The unspoken (and often unconscious) goals they have set for themselves which direct and drive their behavior

  2. The influences on their attitude - as individuals and with others

  3. The personal thinking and learning styles they operate from

  4. The way to best leverage their personal thinking and learning style

  5. The "typical" emotional responses they have to the behavior of others

  6. The ability to take control of their emotional response in every situation

  7. The impact of their relationships on them - personally and professionally

  8. The impact they make on others, and how to make this impact intentional

  9. The means for generating and maintaining a "positive state" in their relationships with others

  10. The way they connect with others and why it does or doesn't work with different types of people

  11. The process they use to "read" people and how to dramatically improve the quality of this process

  12. The ability to communicate with precision, ensure that their message is received and produce the response that's intended

For many people who attend this program this learning is dramatic and can radically alter the way they operate afterwards. They begin to operate with much greater awareness and personal responsibility. They often walk away understanding, sometimes for the first time, what's going on the relationships they have with others, professionally, socially and personally. This information and understanding changes the way they relate to and with others, and sometime the very relationships people choose to have. Participants often find that for weeks and months after attending the program they are still considering some of the discoveries they found during the program. These discoveries become integrated with much of their goal-setting, professionally and personally, to the extent they they will often times decide to re-launch themselves into their careers with more vigor, enthusiasm and motivation then they've enjoyed in years. They walk away taking a sense of themselves that they are in control - of their lives, what they experience, what happens to them and the quality of the relationships they have with others.

Personal Leadership is a very intense and powerful program. We recommend it most highly for young professionals and managers, and also for those who are under particular stress or going through a significant transition such as taking on a new job or important responsibility. While Personal Leadership is appropriate for and designed with young managers in mind, as with many of our programs (Persuasion Technology , Negotiation Technology , LT - L3/Leadership Learning Laboratory ...) this training is delivered only by senior consultants with the experience and skill to lead and facilitate the individual and group experiences with the program.

Personal Leadership is the cornerstone of many of the management/leadership development curriculums we have designed and assist in delivering. It is a perfect foundational program in every management/leadership development curriculum. Using Personal Leadership in this way, as a foundation program in a management/eadership development curriculum, the participants who have attended it are prepared and motivated to make the most of the additional learning and educational opportunities they will be offered. In this way the ROI of the entire learning and educational process is leveraged and enhanced.

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