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"Can you imagine what it would be like for you to be in a state of endless and limitless readiness?"

"Ready regardless of what's going on around you and who you are or are not with at the time. Ready to take action, even if the action required is to be completely still and calm - to wait for the precise moment when action would make the most difference."

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Facilitation Training Programs

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LT-HSD / Human Systems Design


Organizations are complex human systems, (often comprised of smaller complex systems) which are comprised of groups and individuals who are bound together by the idea that the organization seeks to make manifest. The organization makes this idea manifest through the actions and interactions of the people who make up the organization at every level. This activity requires both strategic and tactical organization, integration and supervision to be successful.

To be successful organizations need to operate in a coherent and coordinated manner, that's aligned with their strategic intention(s). This in turn requires design and planning prior to execution and implementation of the organizations strategic plan. Once the execution and implementation has begun there remains a need to continue monitoring and responding to the feedback in the system to apply appropriate interventions and updates. This keeps the system aligned with its strategic intention(s) in a coherent and coordinated manner. Doing this well demands a high-level learning and competency from the executives and managers who lead the organization.

While it is conceivable that an executive or manager could develop the knowledge and skills they require purely through experience over many years, most likely encountering many pitfalls and setbacks along the way. At one time this was the traditional manner of learning and developing the competency required to lead an organization at the senior-level. However, in the current modern, more turbulent and more frenzied business climate in which we operate there is seldom the time for the luxury of "learning as you go" - a senior-level organizational leader must be able to get up to speed almost overnight. While it may not be possible to replace the wisdom gained over a lifetime of leadership, it is possible to shorten the learning curve and build on the wisdom learned by others. This is the intention of LT™ - HSD.

LT™ - Human Systems Design is a high-level program for senior level managers and leaders in organizations. This program is aimed at developing the knowledge and skills to plan, implement, manage and grow an effective organization. There are five modules that comprise LT™ - HSD developmental training program:

  1. Organizational Behavior for Executives and Managers
  2. Organizational Design and Planning for Executives and Managers
  3. Organizational Human Resources Strategy for Executives and Managers
  4. Organizational Human Resources Development for Executives and Managers
  5. Organizational Consulting, Facilitation and Coaching for Executives and Managers

These modules cover this material in much greater depth than in any other program we offer. Each module covers the topic in both theory and application. LT™ - HSD is delivered by senior JSRI consultants who are specialists in the topic and have had practical management experience in the area of consideration - so that they speak from both the expertise of their theoretical knowledge and depth of their applied understanding. In addition to the internal expertise of the JSRI training staff, we also bring in presenters from outside of our organization who are acknowledged experts in the various areas covered in the modules as well.

The intention of this developmental training program is for each manager and executive who participates in it to significantly broaden the basis for their decision-making regarding the human issues of the organization - from planning, utilization and development through strategic growth and succession planning. The participants will gain the knowledge and ability to operate as a manager of managers in these areas. While they will not become experts in any one area covered by the program's modules, they will gain the overview necessary to operate at a strategic level and supervise at a tactical level in all of the areas included - individually or in combination.

LT™ - HSD runs in five sessions of three to five days each scheduled every third month (i.e.: 1-3-6-9-12) so that the entire program is completed in one year's time, (unlike other JSRI developmental training programs which are delivered over five days).


  • Module 1 - Week 1 (January)
  • Module 2 - Week 2 (March/April)
  • Module 3 - Week 3 (June)
  • Module 4 - Week 4 (September/October)
  • Module 5 - Week 5 (November December)

We can also deliver the program as an "intensive" over a continuous period of four weeks:

  • Week 0 - Day 7 (Sunday Late Afternoon) Arrival and Orientation
  • Week 1 - Days 1-5 (Monday - Friday) Module One
  • Week 1 - Days 6-7 (Saturday - Sunday) Off
  • Week 2 - Days 1-3 (Monday - Wednesday) Module 2
  • Week 2 - Day 4-6 (Thursday - Saturday) Module 3
  • Week 2 - Day 7 (Sunday) Off
  • Week 3 - Days 1 - 5 (Monday - Friday) Module 4
  • Week 3 - Days 6 - 7 (Saturday - Sunday) Off
  • Week 4 - Days 1-3 (Monday - Wednesday) Module Five
  • Week 4 - Day 4 (Thursday - Late Afternoon) Graduation and Departure

This program is delivered as an "in-house" program for a single companies executives and on occasion (as the demand requires) as a public training with people from multiple organizations attending the same sessions together. Like all JSRI training it is always run as a residential program at an off-site location. We manage all logistics for this program, including selecting and arranging the off-site facilities (although we are pleased to work with a requested facility for an "in-house" program). There is an expectation that the participants will commit to the entire program to maintain the group continuity and dynamics of the program from module to module. Upon completion of this program there will be a graduation ceremony for the participants which is open to their family to attend. Each participant who successfully completes this program will receive a certificate of completion in Human Systems Design.

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