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"Can you imagine what it would be like for you to be in a state of endless and limitless readiness?"

"Ready regardless of what's going on around you and who you are or are not with at the time. Ready to take action, even if the action required is to be completely still and calm - to wait for the precise moment when action would make the most difference."

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Facilitation Training Programs

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CT - Sales

While we typically recommend Persuasion Technology for those individuals within the organization engaged in or oriented to sales, there are times where Communication Technology might be the preferred program for these people as well.

Three specific situations where we would recommend Communications Technology over Persuasion Technology as the program of choice for sales professionals within the organization are:

  • When there is an intention to focus training on broad-based communication skills development rather than emphasizing sales skills and processes

  • When working with a group of sales professionals who are being groomed for management roles who have already had sufficient sales specific training and could use additional communication skills training

  • When the organization has settled on and is deeply entrenched in a particular sales process model and introducing a new or different model (Satisfaction Cycle) would not be particularly advantageous, and there is an intention to build additional face-to-face communication skills.

In each of these specific cases and others like them we have found that adding Communication Technology to the training curriculum of sales professionals has made a significant impact on their development and performance. We have especially noticed that in the area of "internal selling" when working to gain support of their projects within the organization participants in the Communication Technology program have prospered.

We are able to provide you with an analysis of your sales organization's skills and development, and provide you with the feedback you need to develop an appropriate developmental training curriculum or add appropriate programs to your existing curriculum. To discuss whether Communication Technology (or possible Persuasion Technology) would be the appropriate program for your sales organization please contact us and we will be pleased to provide you with the information you require to decide.

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