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"Can you imagine what it would be like for you to be in a state of endless and limitless readiness?"

"Ready regardless of what's going on around you and who you are or are not with at the time. Ready to take action, even if the action required is to be completely still and calm - to wait for the precise moment when action would make the most difference."

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JSRI Coaching Services - Detailed Description

JSRI coaching builds on a single fundamental and foundational premise:
  • In a dynamic system the entire system is only as strong as its strongest link.

Most people assume that responsiveness means changing themselves to adapt or adjust to what they find in the environment. What we think responsiveness means is adapting and adjusting what you do so that you can generate the results you desire regardless of the environment - we call this resourcefulness (i.e.: to be full of resources). These are the resources you need to make things happen - on your own and with others.

The resources we refer to in our coaching programs are the ones you carry inside of yourself. Whilst the environment may be benevolent or hostile the greatest leverage you have in attaining your desired outcomes is yourself. What do you bring to the environment that will make the difference? Although it is true that in any given environment there will always be competition and that the environment itself is a constraint that is played out equally to all competitors - not all competitors are equal.

There are those who compete first and foremost with themselves - to be the best they can be, to realize their potential, to become what they are capable of becoming and even more. These people choose to challenge themselves more then they are ever challenged by the environment or the competition. The difference these people bring is that they choose to operate from possibility, regardless and in spite of the circumstances and situations in which they find themselves. JSRI coaching is about being this person.

What it takes to be this kind of person is an awareness of yourself. An awareness of how you are at your best. Not just when things are going well and the environment is supportive and encouraging. But when the going gets toughest and there is no support or encouragement on the outside, to know - specifically and precisely - what to do on the inside to access this state of yourself at your personal best. These are the internal triggers of success. There is a pattern and design to how-to access this state at anytime, in anyplace and with (or without) anyone.

Each person has a unique and specific way of accessing their best state for themselves. We call this the "Generalized Desired State" or GDS **. This is the baseline of what it's like to feel great, capable, confident and ready for anything. In fact, our shorthand for this state is "readiness."

Can you imagine what it would be like for you to be in a state of endless and limitless readiness? Ready regardless of what's going on around you and who you are or are not with at the time. Ready to take action, even if the action required is to be completely still and calm - to wait for the precise moment when action would make the most difference. This is what we mean by "readiness" when we're talking about a GDS. This is what every participant in a JSRI coaching program will learn to access on their own, wherever and whenever they want and need it. For most people who attend our coaching programs this does become the baseline and what they take away is a well calibrated sense of when they are like this and when they are not. Then it is simply a matter of noticing and choosing to be like this all the time - ready.

Next, can you imaging being in a group of people who operate in this way? Two or twenty, two hundred or twenty thousand people who are ready to do what it takes to get the result, to create and produce the desired outcome - regardless of what's going on in the environment or what the competition is doing. For us this is about learning how-to tune into the system. Learning how to recognize what's going on around you, especially in the people you interact with. This is a learning about becoming part of the larger system - what we call, that which is "greater than self' or the GTS.

This too is a unique and specific way of operating for each individual. A precise way of organizing themselves internally to be aware of the GTS. When you are aligned in this way - in relation to the GTS - you are and remain open to what is happening around you and are simultaneously organized in relation to possibilities. You'll sort the incoming information for what will make it possible for you to attain your outcomes, while you retain your sense of yourself. This is a position in which there is no compromise - no compromise of your intentions, no compromise required from those around you and most significantly no compromising of yourself.

Ultimately the people who continue with our coaching programs learn to integrate and oscillate between the GDS and GTS. In this way they have access to themselves at their very best and remain open to input and possibilities. This is a highly charged, powerful, creative and intuitive way to operate in the world. We refer to this as holding your 'Intent'. Your intent is the way you most want to be in the world, on your own, in relation to others, with regard to creating and producing your outcomes ...

Your intent is a complete representation of your sense of personal fulfillment, well-being and satisfaction. It is a way of remaining aware of who you are in relation to all that surrounds you. Your intent is a projection of yourself at your best and your expectations of being this way into the future. It organizes you through time to align yourself with this projection. Operating from your intent you have access to all your resources on your own and in relation to others. Like this you are aligned both internally and externally. In this way you become open and unstoppable in relation to yourself and your outcomes.

What we find is that people who participate in our coaching programs find themselves. They become more settled and able to respond easily and naturally from an internal sense of themselves. These people become better at being on their own and being part of a team. They become contributors in the greatest sense of the word - seeking opportunities to contribute but never at the expense of another. Since they are organizing themselves from an internal orientation they are not as open to influence from perturbations, the flux and tide of change around them. They become the stabilizing factor in the systems in which they participate. They become excellent decision-makers, for themselves and in regard to the tasks and responsibilities they assume. They also tend to become excellent communicators speaking their truth powerfully and with great presence - without becoming overbearing or obnoxious.

Since they are secure on the inside they do not need to press others to reassure and validate them from the outside in an inappropriate or demanding way. They can and do open themselves to others and the experiences others bring, with little or no vanity attached to what they themselves bring. Yet these people are often the top performers within the system as well, driven from the inside out, they perform at their best at all times because it is their way of maintaining the sense of themselves they have found and now desire to keep.

People like this also build solid and sound relationships without looking for what they can get from them as much as organizing around what they have to offer to them. In our world relationships are paramount. This seems to be a function of the human condition. We both want and need to be with each other. Little of what we want to accomplish is accomplished in isolation. The better able we are at interaction the better, smoother and more effective our lives become. What occurs around people like this is that the systems they operate in become better as well. The group dynamics shift. People begin sorting for and talking about what's possible. People begin to realize they choose their lives and from this is released a great surge of energy and power.

Often times this energy and power is contributed, at least in part, back to the system - strengthening and sustaining it as it grows and evolves as well. The group becomes more stable, more able to withstand the onslaught of the forces it is subjected to from without and from within. Regardless of whether these forces are changes in the marketplace, or pressure from competition, or disagreement, conflict or dissent from within, the group maintains a balance and a direction. The organizing factor becomes the creation and production of the group's desired outcome and the group becoming what it is capable of becoming. A group like this finds its Intent. This is the soul of what is referred to in business as high-performance or simply "HOT" teams.

With this shift to organizing around Intent and contribution, to readiness and steadiness, the group builds bonds within that are made manifest and experienced without as well. This is what is referred to as self-referencing and is the basis for self-organization as well. The group becomes its own dynamic. What is possible for the group becomes a function of the group regardless and in spite of external constraints. These constraints are seen, heard and perceived only as data in relation to producing the outcome and retaining the group dynamic. Within this dynamic people are encouraged to be themselves, to operate from their GDS while retaining an openness to and awareness of the GTS. In this manner these groups "grow" themselves and "grow" their participants simultaneously. Groups like this can literally create themselves.

What we seek to offer at JSRI is an opportunity for individuals and organizations to find this for themselves. To become self-referencing and self-organizing systems. To become ready and able, resourceful to an extreme. To become the strongest link.

If you are interested in discussing how we might assist you in producing your organizational outcomes please contact us for a no-obligation initial telephone or in-person consultation.

[ ** Generalized Desired State and GDS are terms from the "Generative Imprint" Model by Roye Fraser, Blue Dell Systems]

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