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"Can you imagine what it would be like for you to be in a state of endless and limitless readiness?"

"Ready regardless of what's going on around you and who you are or are not with at the time. Ready to take action, even if the action required is to be completely still and calm - to wait for the precise moment when action would make the most difference."

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Finding The Resonance Pattern


Every business is built on a pattern that engages the constituents of the business; the owners, the clients/ customers, the employees, and the suppliers/vendors. This pattern is essentially an idea, the idea that connects the constituents of the business together, what the business is all about. The first task of the owners is to find and identify this idea, to make it explicit and manifest in everything the business does. This idea is the essence of the business and as such forms the core of the business plan - the blueprint for how the idea that is the business will be made manifest, extant.

In this way the idea of the business is what creates the "resonance pattern" that calls the constituents of the business together. The more this pattern that resonates for all the constituents simultaneously is present the more the business will achieve its outcomes. It is the primary outcome of the business to make this pattern present. It is present in how the business looks, what it does, how it interacts with its constituents, how it achieves its other outcomes ... in everything the business does.

Usually the "resonance pattern" hinges on a single point of reference, the "reference point" It is the reference point that determines the "frame of reference" within which the business exists. The reference point is what the people who are part of the business and connected to the idea that is the business, think the business is all about. The reference point is how the constituents of the business hold the idea of the business in their minds. In their minds the reference point defines the context of the business, the larger frame of reference of the business. It is within the frame of reference that these people take action in regard to the business.

When a client/customer thinks of the business in a particular way ... expensive, thrifty, cheap ... they will react and respond to the business out of that frame of reference. The frame of reference establishes the expectation that the client/customer has and determines how they will decide whether or not these expectations were met ... or not. When a client perceives their expectations have been met ... completely, somewhat, not at all ... they will decide what to do next ... increase their activity with the business, decrease their activity with the business, stop their activity with the business ... and this will ultimately determine if the business succeeds or fails.

The question that must be answered when setting the reference point and building the frame of reference that the business operates from is, "What does the business want to be in the minds of its constituents?" That is, after coming into contact with how the business presents itself what is left behind as the mental representation of what the business is all about? This representation will either be a represenation that is chosen or one of default.

The representation the business presents in its marketing and its sales efforts and actions either matches and fits with the resonance pattern - or not. When the reference point and frame of reference as well as the representation created by them match the inital resonance pattern that attracted and engaged the constituents that comprise the business the result is that the business succeeds. The idea that engaged the owners/founders becomes present and available to the other constituents of the business as well. When this happens completely the business becomes a phenomenom.

In the operating model that we present the marketing and sales messages are representations of the immediate idea that generated the resonance pattern of the business - and is taken out into the world through the marketing and sales functions. The business "meets" its clients/customers in the presence of the marketing message and in connection with the sales message. The sales force is the first human representation of the idea of the business that they come into contact with. The sales force becomes the extension of the resonance pattern - or disruptive to it. Our first action is to integrate the marketing and sales messages with the resonance pattern of the business, and to create congruency in the selling activities that the business engages in through its sales force.

We initiate this action by scanning every marketing and sales message that the business presents in every medium that it uses, including the sales presentations used by the sales force in contact with the clients/ customers. Then we produce a plan to unify these messages and generate a consistent message that is in line with and reinforces the resonance pattern of the business. The ultimate intention of this activity is to integrate the resonance pattern of the business with the business model of the client/customer in each case. When this happens the expectations of the client/ customer are totally met and often exceeded. This is the essence of long-term business growth and success ...